our mission

is to elevate consciousness in schools in order to create environments that truly foster feelings of fulfillment, harmony, and authenticity so that every child and adult within the school community has the opportunity to flourish and feel supported

We believe that when teachers, admins, school aides, counselors—the whole team—feel balanced and fully present while engaging with students, it creates a powerful ripple effect that positively impacts their student’s ability to learn and grow.

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This starts by fulfilling the well-being needs of educators, which we do through 1:1 educator coaching, and holistic programs & workshops that tend to both the mind and body. 

Bringing more human & heart to the professional development space

Meet the founder

Nicole Quintana-Wolf is a former NYC Public School (BX) teacher turned Educational Wellness Coach & Certified Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator. 

She is a NYS certified teacher (English Language Arts 7-12), holds Qualified Teacher Status in the UK, and has teaching experience in The Bronx, London, and Chicago. She is also a regular contributing writer to the Wellness section of the Teachable online publication.

The high stress levels and eventual burnout Nicole experienced as a teacher led her to embark on a wellness journey back into a balanced and peaceful state, and she saw what a profoundly positive impact her well-being had on her classroom environment and
student achievement.


She felt called to share these tools and strategies with educators at large, and transitioned out of teaching in 2020 to dedicate her time and energy to supporting the well-being of educators so they can in turn create a more thriving classroom environment.

Since leaving the classroom, she has worked with educators in both a 1:1 and full staff capacity, hosting professional developments centered around self-care, burnout prevention/recovery, & overall well-being for educators in the NYCDOE.